​​Speech Therapy Ideas
for Children and Adults

Toddler Corner

Working with Toddlers and Young Children

Toddlers are learning to use various forms of communication to control their environment.
Sometimes it is vocalization, gestures, screaming, crying and sometimes its with words. They get frustrated easily
and learn that a negative sound like screaming, gets action from us. 

We, as Speech Pathologists, need to be models for the caregivers or parents. I found that many of the parents needed to be reminded to give the child a quiet space or a hug when they need it , use singing finger plays to distract, read favorite books to them, praise them to reinforce good behaviors.

Remember when you were little and your mom or nanny put you in the high chair with some pots and pans or blocks while a chore was getting done? Did you sing with them or jabber back and forth sounds?

This back and forth "communication" is the fundamental building block of learning to speak.
Let your child make a sound, then you make that sound back to see if it will be repeated. Back and Forth sounds make a dialogue. Finger plays become familiar friends. They are musical and repetitive.
See Blog for some Fingerplays

When children are having difficulty making sounds
we need to get their mouths moving. 

 Anna Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR, (January 18, 1920 – December 16, 1988) was an American occupational therapist, educational psychologist and advocate for individuals with special needs. She became known for her work on  sensory integration (SI) theory.[1]

​In my experience I have integrated what Dr. Ayres practiced . See Blog